Walsall Corporation Trolley Buses

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trolley bus 3

2 Responses to “Walsall Corporation Trolley Buses”

  1. Rev. Ken Paskin (ex: Beech Tree Road) Says:

    Remember the original ‘rail’ version coming and turning outside the co-op before these luxury one’s came on stream and we then had the wooden slated seat double deck buses. One of which turned over heading over the canal bridge on way back to Walsall where Barons Court is now……………. anyone remember? Ken Paskin

  2. oakparkrunner Says:

    The tram service to Walsall Wood was the first tram route of Walsall Corporation to be replaced. Although Walsall Corporation had obtained the authority to use trolley buses since 1925 as tram replacement, they decided to use Dennis H type motor buses on the Walsall Wood route.

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