Walsall Wood Re-generation scheme

As part of the re-generation scheme of Walsall Wood, a number of sculptures have been  commissioned, by Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council.

Four separate monuments ,were designed and built by Luke Perry and his team at Industrial Heritage Stronghold Ltd.

Considering Walsall Wood grew around the mining industry, the main monument as been designed on the pit head, which was a construction used to lower and raise the cages to the pit bottom

Standing 60 feet tall it is the largest monument of this type in the world.

Sitting on a base of 8 cubic metres of concrete,the fabricated structure weighs 10 tons, and is held together with approximately 1000 bolts. 

A tribute to a local feathered celebrity sits on the top. This is to remember Breakaway, a world record-breaking racing pigeon, who resided in  Walsall Wood.

Not forgetting the people who risked life and limb, going underground to mine the coal, an engraved monument in their memory stands on the village green.

 Taken from an image in the stained glass window of St Johns Church, it depicts a coalminer and his whippet dog.

A paved seating area as also been installed on the Village green.



A stand has been added in the seating area, showing all the Walsall Wood monuments and their locations.


On the corner of Brookland Road and Lichfield Road stands a tribute to the people of Walsall Wood.

Based on real Walsall Wood residents,the monument comprises 22 people and a dog, all off which have been engraved.

The Wyrley and Essington Canal flows through Walsall Wood and played a big part in the transportation of coal from the Colliery, and bricks from the Brickworks, but it is only used now for leisure boating and fishing.  A fisherman replica as been erected on the canal side next to the bridge on the A461 Walsall to Lichfield Road.

Based on another local inhabitant, namely David Evans, the statue stands on top of a tall pillar, so enabling it to be seen by passing motorists.  On February the 8th, the fish, in true angling tradition, broke the line and “got away”. unfortunately for Bob the Carp, as he has been named, he landed on terra firma, and his escape was at an end. A local lady found the stranded fish and returned him to Luke, who re-attached him using a higher breaking strain line. Bob still swings today, viewing the traffic on the A461.







3 Responses to “Walsall Wood Re-generation scheme”

  1. D.Evans Says:

    An excellent article. Bob the local carp was found on the towpath on Monday afternoon, February 8th, by a local lady who quickly got in touch with the artist to tell him that the line had snapped on the statue. Within a few weeks a stronger line was attached to the carp and this was then re-attached to the statue . A lot of hot air and mischievous mis-information seems to have been generated by one or two people, perhaps for their own sad reasons. The day that the statues were unveiled was very cold and quite windy. Monday 8th February was a very windy day with strong gusts coming from the Easterly direction. Unsurprisingly the thin wire cable gave way. My paternal grandfather would have appreciated the artwork of the fisherman. He was a barge steersman along this stretch of the cut many years ago. My maternal grandfather spent his working life down the Coppy .
    with best wishes and thanks. David Evans

  2. oakparkpacersrc Says:

    Thank you for reading my blog and for the kind comments. Thanks also for the update on Bobs few weeks of freedom, I have corrected the page accordingly. Kind regards Godfrey Hucker oakparkrunner.

  3. A Very Tall Man. 31st January | NB Oleanna Says:

    […] is by Luke Perry (the same chap who did the sculptures along the Dudley No2 canal) and is part of a sculpture trail through Walsall Wood. Originally the sculpture had a fish hanging from fishing line, a lucky catch but sadly the fish is […]

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