Aldridge Bus Museum

On Thursday April 19th 2012, Marion and myself  were invited to visit the Bus Museum in Aldridge. Recently moved from Birmingham into new premises in Northgate, the large building houses a collection of buses and other commercial vehicles. Some of  the photographs I took on the night are a little blurred due to the lighting in the museum. I had to use a long exposure and without a tri pod consequently there was movement with the camera but you can get the general idea of what is there.

Having signed the visitors book, the first vehicle we saw was an old Guy Ambulance.

Tucked in a corner is an Austin A40 Devon ice cream van which brought back memories of Selwyn Smith’s ice cream of our childhood.

A link with the Railways is a Scammell 3 wheeled tractor unit from GWR days.

A milk float is another example of the restoration being carried out here.

An ERF tractor unit which belonged to a local haulage company William Hayes.

While we were there an ex London Transport Routemaster returned from a tour around Birmingham and parked in the unit.

A Midland Red single-decker was parked by the end wall.

And a Trent single-decker was also on display.

Pride of the collection is an AEC Regal coach with immaculately restored upholstery.

A number of West Midland buses form part of the collection.

And a Guy Arab single-decker.

Two more commercial vehicles are a Ford Transit pick up.

And a large delivery van.

As well as vehicles there is a static display of Diesel engines.

Not yet open to the general public on a regular basis, they do have certain open days, and the next one is scheduled for  June 5th 2012. Well worth a visit to encourage the work undertaken by the volunteers of this museum, to preserve our heritage.

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