Amerton Railway Summer Gala 2011

A visit was made by a few Chasewater Railway members to the Summer Gala of Amerton Railway, on Saturday June 18th 2011.

The Railway, based at Amerton Farm on the A518 the Stafford to Uttoxeter Road, is run and maintained by  the Staffordshire Narrow Gauge Railway Ltd. Officially opened in March 1993, the 2 ft gauge track comprises of a continuous loop with a total length of approx 1 mile, incorporating passing loops and station complex.

 To enhance the Gala, a road roller in steam, a restored Fordson Dexta tractor, and Atkinson low loader were displayed on the car park.

The first passenger train of the day, at 11-00 was pulled by the Hunslett Quarry class locomotive No 3903 Statfold.

With Hunslett No 3905 Jennie waiting in the passing loop, with the first Freight train.

And the Kerr Stuart 4256 Peter Pan, waiting with the second Freight train.

The fourth engine in steam was the Andrew Barclay 0-4-0 Jack patiently waiting on shed, ready to take his turn in the busy schedule.

The system of running two freight trains and the passenger service, worked extremely well, will all four steam locomotives, taking turns on the three trains, including some double-headed working on the freight.

It was unfortunate that the weather was unkind, with bursts of heavy rain throughout the day, but it did not stop nor slow down the planned programme.

Being members of a preserved heritage railway, we were privileged to be invited and shown around the workshops, and the Engine sheds.

In the large spacious workshop, the Railway’s flagship Isobel was seen in the final stages of refit.

Sadly not finished in time for this years Summer Gala.

An interesting historical Staffordshire locomotive was in the workshop, in need of a great deal of restoration.



This is the Baguley 60HP  No 2035 named Golspie, built-in 1935 for use on the mile long track at Trentham Gardens. The locomotive was one of three, purchased by the Duke of Sutherland to run at Trentham, and although based on a steam design, it was in fact originally powered by  petrol, and later converted to a 4,270 Perkins diesel engine. It is planned to restore Golspie to its former glory, to run at Amerton as it did when at  Trentham.

The tour around the workshop was extremely interesting and informative, and thanks must go to Laurence Hodgkinson for giving up his valuable time, and knowledge in showing us around.

Also on the platform was a working layout of 16mm steam, using a variety of locomotives and rolling stock.

A very enjoyable day was spent at Amerton overall, John had a ride behind each Steam loco and Barry had a reserved seat in the brake van. IN THE DRY.

The very busy planned schedule, was a credit to the band of working members, who worked hard both on the day, and throughout the year, for the continued success of the railway.

3 Responses to “Amerton Railway Summer Gala 2011”

  1. Kris Douglas Says:

    Hello, Golspie is in much better condition now and the engine is currently undergoing work to get it started. There’s still a lot left to do but if you are nearby it’s worth the trip.

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