Ecclesbourne Valley Railway 29th April 2011

Having been omitted from the Royal Wedding guest list, Chasewaterstuff and myself, decided to visit Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, at Wirksworth in Derbyshire. After an unscheduled diversion on part of the Derby ring road, by yours truly, we duly arrived at approx 10.45, and found plenty of room to park.

Donning our High Vis vests we wandered down the yard, to the end of the line and the engine sheds.

There we saw the visiting standard class 2 steam locomotive 78019 owned by the Loughborough Standard Locomotive Group based at Great Central Railway. This was spotlessly clean and shining following a recent paint job by Ernie Bradley.

We were invited to go on the footplate, which was equally as clean as the outside.

Even John was impressed.

Using our Heritage Rail passes, we purchased day tickets, at the Childs rate of £6.00 each.

Our first ride was on the DMU from Wirksworth to Ravenstor.

Here we had a short break.

Returning back  to Wirksworth station, we then boarded the 12-20 to Duffield.

This was a journey of approx 8 miles, and was pulled by the standard 2, 78019, running tender first.

The journey took 30 minutes, with a stop at Idridgehay Station.

The train also stopped at two gated level crossings.

 An unscheduled stop was also made due to sheep on the track.

Arriving at Duffield station, which is the end of the line.

The engine ran round, to return to Wirksworth boiler first,

The engine was then uncoupled from the train, and serviced ready for the 16-20 run to Duffield.

Also at Wirksworth is a 2ft  narrow gauge railway running for a short distance parallel with the main track.

  Of course we both had to have a ride on it.

The narrow gauge railway is adjacent to a disused main line tunnel, which is now fenced off.

A second ride on the DMU to Ravenstor was undertaken to view the display of narrow gauge tubs, loading rocks into a main line wagon.

Back down to Wirksworth, and a quick look at some of EVR loco’s before leaving for home.

We left Ecclesbourne Valley Railway at approx 3pm, following a very enjoyable day out, amongst very friendly and helpful volunteers.

2 Responses to “Ecclesbourne Valley Railway 29th April 2011”

  1. chasewater stuff Says:

    Nice one Gof – did you ever see such a shiny head??!!

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