Working Steam Locomotives in Preservation. Standard Class 2, 78019.

The Standard class 2 locomotive was the smallest of the 12 classes, introduced by British Railways  following Nationalisation.

Built at Darlington works, 78019 was initially allocated to Kirkby Stephen in March 1954 to work on the Stainmore line over the Pennines. In February 1955 the loco featured in a real life documentary film entitled, Snowdrift at Bleathgill, when it was sent to rescue its sister engine 78018 from a snowdrift at Stainmore Summit.

One of 65 in its class, all built at Doncaster,the 2-6-0 Mogul weighs 86 Tons when working, with a tender capacity of 3000 gallons of water plus 4 tons of coal.

During its 12 years of working with British Railways, the loco was based at a total of 6 sheds before being withdrawn from service in November 1966.

Photograph of the engine at Willesden shed.

In 1967, 78019 was part of a batch to go to Woodhams scrap yard in Barry, South Wales.

After 6 years of sitting quietly in Dai Woodhams scrap yard awaiting the cutting torch, the locomotive was rescued by Charles Newton, and moved to Severn Valley Railway to await restoration.

In 1997 with the Mogul still low in the priority list at the valley, the owner arranged a deal with the newly formed Loughborough Standard Locomotive Group, for them to purchase 50% ownership with a view to restore the loco at Great Central Railway. Consequently the loco left Kidderminster, and arrived at Quorn on March 19th 1997.

Photograph by John East (from Main Line No 101)

The dedicated team of volunteers worked hard to return 78019 back to pristine condition, and it first steamed again at GCR in 2004.

Since its return to steam at GCR, the loco as worked at several Heritage Railways as a visiting engine.

One notable venue was in April 2011, when the loco visited Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, when they celebrated the re-opening of the line from their base at Worksworth through to Duffield, thus giving them a line length of 10 miles.

The line was opened by the Duke of Gloucester giving 78019 the honour of running whilst displaying the Royal Headlamp code, when the Duke travelled the line to Duffield.

Photograph byPhil Waterfield

Another important engagement took the Mogul to Kirkby Stephen in August 2011. On this occasion, the return visit to its first allocated shed, was to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the South Durham & Lancashire Railway’s, Cross Country Line over Stainmore Summit, which as a height of 1370 feet.

During this visit the loco was re – united with the snow plough used in the famous rescue of 78018 from Bleathgill.

On October 8th 2011 the loco was again in the news when Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan, officially opened the newly installed turntable at Quorn & Woodhouse Station.

Three other Standard 2 locomotives survived the cutting torch, but only 78019 is in working order.

78018  is under restoration at Darlington Railway Centre.

78022 is on display at Keighley & Worth Railway.

78059  is under restoration at Bluebell Railway, and being converted to the tank engine version, as its tender was sold by Woodhams to Duport Steelworks, and subsequently scrapped. It will carry the No of 84030 upon completion.

Photograph by Dubdee.

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